Saturday, August 02, 2008

Some Days ....

I really like being an Episcopalian. And I really like being an Episcopal priest.

I think I was 15 before I attended a church other than an Episcopal church. I was, well, flabbergasted, at how "so not normal" they did things. I've since recovered from the trauma and can now appreciate both the subtle, not so subtle, big and small differences.

One of the fun differences is that at least one of my colleagues, Pastor Tripp, the Original AngloBaptist, has been doing a sermon series on the Gospel According to John Hughes. You know: Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, * Hairspray *. . . And this week he's preaching on Weird Science. If you're out in the North Shore of Chicago, go visit.

One of the subtle differences is that of liturgics. The previous UMC pastor in town was more . . . um . . . touchy-feely. I went to a prayer vigil she hosted and, well, let's just say that there was more arm flapping than I'm used to.

The current UMC pastor in town isn't quite like that. But that's not to say he doesn't play around when it suits him. If he doesn't like a particular passage from the RCL, he simply finds one he does.

And like most UMC parishes (I'm assuming here), Communion Sunday is usually reserved for the first Sunday of the month, or some other special occasion.

This is Communion Sunday for him.
He likes the gospel reading (Matthew's version of the feeding of the 5000).
Communion will include smoked fish.

Some days I wish I were Methodist.

**Thanks to Micah for pointing out that Hairspray is a John Waters film, NOT a John Hughes film. Anyone out there brave enough to tackle a sermon series on John Waters??


Tripp Hudgins | 3:57 PM, August 03, 2008  

Thanks for the plug! Maybe we'll get someone from your neck of the woods.

Anonymous | 9:03 PM, August 03, 2008  

Yes, there was fish, but Tymbre ate it all!! (Just kidding, she didn't touch it!!) And his sermon was very entertaining, as well!

Micah | 6:58 AM, August 12, 2008  

Ummm... Hairspray... not a John Hughes movie. You're thinking of John Waters. And I truly fear the sermon series on John Waters movies. Truly.

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