Friday, August 01, 2008

This week

Not much has been going on this week -- pretty normal stuff (well, other than that alien thing from the previous post).

Picked out hymns for Sunday, updated the bulletin, worked on my sermon, visited with the father of a guy I know whose wife has Alzheimer's, had the usual Wednesday morning "ministerial meeting," and found out that I will have a real, live organist up in VC this Sunday.

So, the sermon . . . The upcoming gospel reading is the feeding of the 5000. There are probably 5000 ways you can go with this passage, and I'm continuing a thought from last week's sermon.

In last week's sermon, I happened to throw out the line, "Fact isn't always truth." That line got more attention than anything else I said in the whole sermon and we had a great discussion around it.

So this week I'm using that as the whole basis for the sermon. The fact is that five loaves and two fish weren't enough to feed 5000 people. The truth is that it was. The fact is that our small congregations don't have enough people, money or time to be a successful parish. The truth is that we have everything we need. The question to the congregation is, "Are we going to live according to facts, or according to truth?"


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