Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas I

I'm on vacation. I left a couple of lay readers in charge of MP service at both congregations. I downloaded a "Sermon That Works," and said, "Read this one, because I don't have time to write two sermons this week."

I hope services went well back home.

I did manage to go to church with my mom today. She attends what seems to be a nice congregation in Puyallup. A few people greeted me right away as we came into church. And a few people talked with me after service at coffee hour.

What I found strange, though, was that the priest did NOT come back for coffee hour. Instead, he stayed in the church proper getting ready for next service; or, at least that's what I imagine he was doing.

Now, I am not the worlds greatest extrovert. But even I manage to get back to coffee hour to talk with my regular parishioners and meet and greet any newcomers. I'm not sure how I would feel about being ignored by the priest were I a layperson actually looking for a church home. As a visitor, it annoyed me.

But here's the thing: It's good to go visit churches every so often to see what they do well and what could be improved on; and then re-look at your own congregation with the eyes of a visitor. My two parishes aren't perfect, but I think we do handle visitors and newcomers relatively well.

I'm on vacation . . . that is all for now.

Merry Christmastide


~**Dawn**~ | 1:59 PM, December 30, 2008  

Merry Christmas, Rev!

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