Saturday, December 13, 2008

I can relax a little . . . or not

This is the weekend for the bishop's annual visitation to my two little congregations. I always enjoy these. This time around will be one of the better visits. We will have one baptism and three confirmations at CC and one reaffirmation at VC.

He normally arrives Saturday afternoon, meets with the CC Vestry, and then he and the family go out to dinner.

On Monday I was informed that the bishop would be attending an ordination before he arrived at my place. The message was that this ordination was about a 5-1/2 hour trip from there to here. My first thought was, "Where is this person being ordained, and why haven't the clergy been notified?"

Turns out that she is being ordained over in Moscow (Idaho -- not Russia), which, I checked, is a 7 hour drive from here, not the 5-1/2 in the message. So I passed that information onto the Good Bish. Then I found out that he was going to be flying back and forth between Moscow and Helena, and driving down here afterward. I kept having visions of a plane crash and having to inform my confirmands that they wouldn't be confirmed.

Then yesterday I got a call from His Excellency saying that the flight was canceled due to weather concerns, so he would be driving down here. That takes a whole lot of anxiety off my chest. And probably his as well, since he won't be traveling 700 miles in a day.

The early weather concerns were valid, since I just looked outside and it's snowing like a son-of-a-gun. And while I was typing this, my pager went off for an "Informational Page Only -- The NWS has issued a blizzard warning until 1500 hours today; a winter storm warning remains in effect until 2300 hours."

So . . . here's hoping my bishop leaves early, drives safely, and arrives in one piece.

Weather for Sunday: Snow showers and a high of 7.


Father John | 11:53 AM, December 13, 2008  

Is it time to start writing that Sunday sermon just in case?

Songbird | 3:31 PM, December 13, 2008  

Remind me not to complain about my weather...
and, I hope the visit goes well!

Reverend Ref + | 11:14 PM, December 13, 2008  

Fr. John: No, I do not need to write a sermon for tomorrow. His Excellency arrived just fine and all in one piece. It actually only took him just a little over two hours to get here; not bad at all.

Songbird: The blizzard-like conditions have let up -- it's quit snowing for now and the wind has subsided. Local weather forecast says that right now, at the time of this comment, it's -12. But . . . it's a DRY minus 12, so that counts for something, right?

And yes, the I turned on the heat in the church tonight.

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