Friday, December 12, 2008

I probably shouldn't do this . . .

but I just can't help myself.

Just about an hour from now, the Montana Grizzlies will play the James Madison Dukes.

I will refrain from any disparaging comments about the JMD mascot; especially since last year I went off about the Wofford Terriers -- only to see them whup the Griz. Looking at the JMD record, they are impressive. They are 12-1, that last loss coming in August . . . AUGUST. The Griz, however, are 13-1, with one loss coming mid-season to Weber State (whom the Griz then got revenge on by beating them in the playoffs)

So no inappropriate comments -- I will, however, plop my bad-luck ass in front of the TV and hope that it doesn't cause the Griz to get thumped again.




Despite my presence, the Griz managed to hold on and win. Up 18 points in the 4th quarter, JMU scored a safety on an errant snap to pull within 16. Then they go down and score a TD + 2 point conversion. Down 8, they did their best, and definitely made it interesting. But in the end, The University of Montana is going to the National Championship Game.


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