Sunday, January 04, 2009


We finally got home about 4:30 yesterday afternoon.

I walked over to the office to prep for the Christmas Lessons & Carols service for today only to discover that I had apparently not run off the bulletins for service. So I had to recreate the whole musical selection and whatnot. I really didn't need that after the trip we had; but, there it was. So I spent about 45 minutes going through Christmas carols and programming Ms. Emily and making myself a makeshift ordo.

Shortly after I got back home, the power went out. At first I thought we had blown a breaker. But then I realized that the whole house was out. And then I noticed that the WHOLE TOWN was out. And then we found out that Sheridan and apparently Twin was out. So we lit candles and started prepping for a very long, cold night.

In about an hour, though, a crew had the power back on. Which was good because we were watching the heat drop steadily. Nothing says relief like the sound of the furnace coming back on.

And the ad lib L&C service went just fine.


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