Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Camp

I'm off at Camp Marshall, our diocesan camp, this week performing my yearly duty as Family Camp Chaplain. It's a rough gig, but somebody has to do it.

The overall theme of camp this year is Equipping the Saints, so I put together a little program for the adults to help them in that department. A little bible study, a little BCP study, a little prayer, and lots of worship this week.

The bishop showed up last night in time for dinner (timing is everything) and sat in on the program. I'm happy to say that he found no reason to inhibit me.

This morning he will lead Eucharist, as is his prerogative. We are also dedicating a new altar top. The original one broke somehow -- this is a good inch-thick stone slab, so I'm not sure what really happened. But the new one is showing up this morning and we'll dedicate it at service with the bishop. As I said, timing is everything.

Maybe more later during the week ..... that is, if my research on afternoon naps doesn't get in the way.


Father John | 9:19 PM, June 30, 2009  

I was able to have a few excellent afternoon "research" sessions.

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