Thursday, July 02, 2009

More from Family Camp

It has been everybody's opinion that this has been the best Family Camp to date. The weather has been amazing (hot, sure, but not blistering; and it's cooled off nicely at night). The food has been wonderful (as usual). The kids are having a terrific time and the adult discussions have been lively.

The new altar top (proper name: mensa) was dedicated by the bishop on Monday. We were all expecting more or less a simple stone slab to replace the one that broke. Um . . . not quite. What we got was a lovely piece of black granite that has been polished to a mirror-like finish. When you stand at the back of the chapel and look down to the altar, you almost can't even see it because of the water in the background and the reflection of the sky. It's quite beautiful.

We have a J2A group visiting from New Jersey and they've thoroughly enjoyed their time here. They took a trip to Glacier Park one day. This morning they got up early and kayaked over to Wild Horse Island and hiked around there. Last night three of my parishioners were here playing music all of the kids plus most of the other camp attendees did the Virginia Reel dance. it was quite entertaining.

The Big Adventure came last night when, originally unknown to the adults, while out in one of the boats for Kid's Club, the engine died leaving the little tots stranded out in the middle of Flathead Lake. Yes, there were a couple of adult counselors with them. No, the weather was not inclement (this was not Gilligan's Island). So the sailboat (with it's little trawling motor) was dispatched to rescue them. The kids had a great time (relaying the story to me about how they were stuck on the boat with big smiles on their faces); and this story will be remembered in the annals of Family Camp and their own memories well into adulthood (hey, Joey, remember when we got stuck in the boat when we were five and were surrounded by sharks and we had to swim to shore towing the boat with our teeth??? -- Yeah ...)

I've finished the book Sex, Sacrifice, Shame & Smiting (which I thought very good) and have begun Nature's Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith. I've tweaked my program for the adults here and there.

Oh . . . and my research on naps continues.


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