Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mic'd up

This past Thursday I got a call from Mr. Craig Wirth, communications director for the Diocese of Utah. He's doing some story thing on Bishop Daniel Sylvester Tuttle, first missionary bishop of Montana, Idaho and Utah.

You heard that right . . . Montana, Idaho and Utah . . . at the same time . . . on horseback and stagecoach. The first place he established a church was in Virginia City, Montana, in 1867. He then went on to establish churches around Montana, Idaho and Utah.

So Craig calls me up and wants to come up to VC and Sheridan, shoot a couple of pictures during the service and do a short interview about how I feel about following in the footsteps of Bishop Tuttle. I told him that I'd only be at the first service today because I had to run The Kid up to Butte for her summer college prep program, but, if he wanted to still come up, I'd be happy to have him.

He showed up today with all of his gear and started setting up. About five minutes before service, he comes outside where I'm standing greeting people and says, "Would you put this mic on so that the camera picks you up better?"

Yep . . . I was fully mic'd up and he video-taped the service. Said he'd send me a copy when he was finished with it.

Oh joy.

On the positive side . . . I didn't get attacked by any falling Christmas trees.


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