Tuesday, June 02, 2009


This past Sunday was a good day. We had a good sized turnout in Sheridan with a couple of visitors who made noises about coming back. VC was seriously low, but our summer organist is back in town and he played for us.

The sermon, which you can read below, preached really well. It may not read well, but man did it preach. That doesn't always happen; most of the time I spend my time trying to remember where I'm going and not forgetting any points. But Sunday was one of those rare times (for me anyway) where it just flowed.

And then in the afternoon, we were back up in VC for the end of the year Youth Group BBQ. That was a lot of fun. Mrs. Ref and I put together a scavenger hunt around town. We broke everyone up into three groups and sent them off, the winner receiving a coupon for free ice cream at Bob's Place. We also had a hay ride, croquet and lots of food. And we ended the evening with a service of Compline.

It was a good time. Hopefully the memory of this closeout event will carry over into next fall when we start inviting kids back.


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