Friday, July 31, 2009

Duh -- AMMM

So today's been a normal house cleaning day for me and I think it's in decent enough shape that The Kid won't say, "No wonder you needed to get married," when she comes home tomorrow.

I haven't been online much today, but when I did get on here a little bit ago, I noticed I had an e-mail from my bishop.

In short, it reads (modified in parts, but you'll get the idea):

Dear Rev Ref, J, J, and J: (really, I'm the only non J on the list)

At the General Convention I had a meeting with the venerable retired Bishop P. In his persistent way he has initiated a transformational ministry called the Gathering of Leaders. The idea is that priests with at least 15 more years of ministry gather to share their love of Christ and the Church, to empower each other, to deepen skills as transformational leaders, to establish networks of support, and to clarify the emerging vision of TEC.

These people are nominated by bishops on the basis of their having demonstrated leadership potential of a high order. I have nominated the four of you.

I see the four of you as the brightest and best of the future of our diocese. I hope you can take part in this program.

"Leadership potential of a high order"?? "Best and brightest of our future"???

Just what is he thinking?? Methinks that maybe the new carpet fumes got to my good bishop during his last visitation.

I mean . . . I'm just me . . . way out here in SW Montana . . . overseeing two itsy bitsy, teenie weenie parishes in former gold rush territory with no gold in the bank. I don't even know how to run a vestry retreat for heaven's sake.

So yeah . . . all that came out of my mouth for a few minutes was exactly that:



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