Monday, September 13, 2010

Hanging in the Balance

So . . . we were visited by a Search Sub-committee from Far West Parish over this past weekend (yes, I did mention that in the previous post). It was a good visit, I think.

Where we live is . . . difficult . . . to get to if you have to travel here by air and over any long distance. But they weathered the travel fine and rolled into town about the time I was getting home from my football game.

They took the four of us (me, Mrs. Ref, The Kid and the new foreign exchange kid) out to dinner and we had a nice time chatting with each other. Nothing specific about their parish or my search process was brought up. It was much more of a meet and greet session.

Sunday service went well enough. The sermon didn't totally suck, and I think I managed to incorporate their situation, our situation and my situation into one, coherent sermon that related to those 99 sheep left in the wilderness.

And now I'm gearing up for our visit to Not West Parish at the end of the month. I should have a schedule from them by next week, so that will help my inner OCD gene. However, I did receive an e-mail from their search committee and they are requesting that I "send us one or two audio copies of your sermons; we can handle audiotape, CD, MP3, iTunes or DVD format."

Um . . . yeah . . . YOU might be able to handle that; not so much here. I replied that I would try to accommodate their request and record this Sunday's sermon. We'll see how this goes. I did mention, though, that they were free to read the last three years worth of sermons that are posted on our parish website.

Mrs. Ref said she thought she might be able to record the sermon on her digital camera and post that up somewhere for them to view. If so, I'll need to go get me some hair gel and work on my chicken walk.


David | 11:39 AM, September 14, 2010  

Todd, the "chicken walk" comment made me spew my coffee!
If you have an ipod Touch, you can record your sermons with that, that's what I do. You can order a cheap microphone ($10-12) for it and use several apps to record. I use italk, it syncs with your computer and you can then create an MP3 that you can email to folks.
Sony makes a nice, small voice recorder (digital so you don't have to fool with tapes), the software only works on Windows (I have a MAC so I had to change). I think you can get this for around $50, so maybe pricey for you.But it is something you could use from now on if you wanted to post the audio of sermons, wherever you are preaching.
Holler if I can help..

Reverend Ref + | 12:43 PM, September 14, 2010  


Glad I made your morning.

Regarding the iPod Touch, that's more technology than I can deal with. Syncing with my computer and creating mp3's to e-mail is simply WAY out of my league.

I'm better off sticking a cassette into a tape deck and pushing "Record." Then I can drop it in the mail to the parish so they can listen to it.

They're calling a priest, not Tech Support.

Thanks for the offer though . . . I might be persuaded to update my personal hardware at a new call.

Katharine | 7:36 PM, September 16, 2010  

"They're calling a priest, not Tech Support."

Hahahaha! But, they're calling a priest who knows the ins and outs of six-man football! Not many people can make that claim, RevRef. In fact, if you get to video your sermons, please forget the chicken walk and stick to the "ineligible man" calls.

Reverend Ref + | 9:54 AM, September 17, 2010  


There are no ineligible man calls in 6-man . . . everyone goes deep ... lol

Saw your post on the new stats book. If the coach likes it (or doesn't dislike it), maybe you should copyright it and market it.

Julie | 1:33 AM, September 23, 2010  

Actually, it's much easier than you think to record a sermon. You buy a small cheap digital recorder (like this one: Set it on the pulpit next to you or near you, hit "record" just like on a tape player and it records.

It creates a file of your sermon, just like any other file. If you can copy a document file from a CD onto your computer, you can copy a file from the recorder to your computer in the same way.

I know it can be intimidating to learn new technology, but I am afraid for the church when I read of our leadership so unwilling to try something new. The world is growing and changing in incredibly amazing ways and I think we have to be willing to run with it, try new stuff, fail, and then learn. If not, we'll get left behind.

Good luck - both with your experiments in digital media and your job search; both are tough for sure.

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