Saturday, September 04, 2010


No . . . I'm not going to England.

Instead, the Diocese of Not West wants information on me to make sure that I'm not going to run off with millions of dollars and/or their children.

Full Name, Address, Phone, SSN, Gender
All educational institutions attended in the last ten years
Employers and congregations served in the last ten years
Credit and DMV release
Information release
Criminal records check

And Oxford Document Management has the job of ensuring I am Not As Bad As All That.


Martha | 6:07 PM, September 04, 2010  

That's routine in the UCC, except for maybe the credit check. I'm surprised it's not in your denomination!

Mark | 7:53 PM, September 04, 2010  

You know, that's almost more information that you need to get a SECRET clearance. Heh.

Reverend Ref + | 10:18 PM, September 04, 2010  


It is routine in TEC; it's just been awhile since I've had to do it - like over six years.

The plus side is that over those six years I've only had one job and one address etc etc; so I'm looking much more stable.

Mark: I don't need secret clearance, thanks.

Mark | 2:13 PM, September 06, 2010  

One too many "Marks." I don't even know what "secret clearance is."

Reverend Ref + | 2:41 PM, September 06, 2010  

Mark 2: I think it's a military thing.

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