Friday, January 07, 2011

Apparently . . .

I was in Montana too long.

Now, don't take that the wrong way -- I loved being there. The 6-1/2 years spent there were great. Working with my two small churches had its ups and downs, but there were certainly more ups in that time than downs.

But over that time, there were some things that I got used to . . . assimilated, you might say; because I'm finding out that I was just not prepared for this move.

We have curbside garbage and recycling pickup. But I sort of forgot that it was my job to contact the waste management company and tell them that they needed to start billing me for that service. Likewise the water department, gas company and electric company. Somewhere in my brain I thought those invoices would just show up in the mail box at the house.

heh heh . . . oops . . .

We're trying to get everything sorted out. And maybe it wasn't that I lived in Montana too long, maybe it was that I lived in a vicarage.

And here I am learning how to be an adult again.


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