Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Working Vacation

The girls are on spring break this week, so Mrs. Ref and I took the opportunity to see her parents. My folks were down to visit for the aforementioned installation service, and it was good to see them. Between that visit and this one, we've managed to see most of the relatives within a week's time.

The drive from home to here was about 9-1/2 hours, but we stopped for dinner, so that added an hour to the trip. The interesting thing about that is that it's about 30 minutes further than when we made the trip from Montana.

Anyway, we got here just fine, spent the day yesterday around the house and the girls did some shopping. I watched the Gonzaga women beat UCLA and advance to the Sweet Sixteen (being played in their home town of Spokane, no less), so that made me happy.

And today we're going to head out to Leavenworth, a self-made Bavarian village tourist trap; but it's a fun place and they have some decent food. Not sure what all else is on the agenda, but the weather looks good and we've got blue skies.

Oh, and the working part of the vacation . . . I worked on Chapter 2 of the lesson plan for the Jonah soup and scripture dinners, got the list of hymns for Sunday to my secretary, and wrote a draft of my April article for the parish newsletter.


The Accidental Bavarian | 8:32 PM, March 22, 2011  

Go Gonzaga! (We're from Spokane)

If you are looking for what to do and where to eat in Leavenworth, drop by our site and blog about what we like in Leavenworth.


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