Friday, June 10, 2011


Emma's parents and aunt and uncle arrived for their visit on Wednesday. It was a long trip to PDX and back, but everything went well. Their English is, well, marginally better than my Mongolian, so the communication gap is rather interesting.

I managed to ask them if they were hungry. They were. I tried to figure out what they might want to eat. The only word they knew for sure was, "Steak." :)

So we found a restaurant and everybody had a good meal.

Then on Thursday we gathered at our house for dinner. Had a good meal of our favorite chicken dish and salad. After a quick dinner, I had to scoot off to a meeting at church, but was home at a reasonable hour. When I got back, everyone was playing on the Wii. Mrs. Ref said, "Do you have any idea how hard it is to explain the concept of a hula hoop to someone who doesn't speak English??"

After a few Wii games, they presented us with gifts from Mongolia. The Kid received chopsticks, a fan, a t-shirt and small decorative dolls in traditional garb. Mrs. Ref received a nice purse and maybe something else I can't remember. I received a wallet with Chinggis Khan on it, a t-shirt, and this (scroll down to the very bottom). I asked if I needed to share a drink with the men, but was told no.

So I'm thinking that it will go sit on the shelf in my office. Unless any of you out there are vodka drinkers, then I'll share some with you.


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