Saturday, June 11, 2011


I was flipping through channels recently and came across SportsNation. It's a talk/game show thing on ESPN hosted by Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd. I am not a big Colin Cowherd fan for a variety of reasons, but at least he's marginally tolerable on this show. However, I have yet another reason to be annoyed with Colin.

On this particular show, they were discussing the courting of Terrell Pryor by the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL. Colin began denigrating the CFL, talking about their "weird rules" and "400 yard end zones." Okay, they do have different rules and a bigger field (with 20 yard end zones), so I understand that. But then he started going off on the fact that the CFL has "two teams with the same name. Seriously -- they have two teams named Roughriders!"

This annoyed me for a few reasons:

First, on a technical note, one team was the Roughriders, and the other team was the Rough Riders.

Second, if you're going to denigrate a league for having two teams with the same name, you should at least know the history of the league and understand that there were originally two separate leagues, hence the two teams with same name.

Third, the Ottawa Rough Riders unfortunately folded a few years ago and there won't be a team in Ottawa until at least next year. So, right now, there is only ONE Roughrider team in the CFL.

Fourth, why pick on the CFL? Because they're from Canada? Because you think everything U.S. is better?

Fifth, and probably what annoyed me most, was Colin's total lack of equivalency/parity/consistency. If you're going to denigrate the CFL for having two teams with the same name, then you also need to slam the SEC who have the Auburn TIGERS and the LSU TIGERS. You should probably also slam MLB, who have one team from Cincinnati named the Red Stockings and one team from Boston named the Red Sox. Last time I looked, stockings and sox were the same thing.

And, yes, it's Saturday morning, all the girls are still in bed, and I have nothing better to do at the moment. Why do you ask?


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