Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I don't know what's been going on lately, but this blog has been hit with a slew of spamulous comments, and most of them have been comments on posts two or more years old.  The most common comment is on the order of, "Nice design.  I also have a blog where discussion of the potato theology is imperative to well being of Chinese cats with daughters.  Pleased be to visit my site at ....."

Most of the time . . . no, ALL of the time . . . I mark said comment as spam and move on with my day.

Today's spam, however, caught my attention for a couple of reasons.  1) It was attached to a relatively recent post.  2)  It sort of made sense, as in, there were no, "Pleased be to have Chinese theology of potato cats" in the body.

But still . . . I'm pretty sure that my sermon on the Feast of St. Luke did not discuss computers:

Τhanκs fοr гevеaling уour idеas here.
Thе other thing iѕ that аny time a ρroblem occuгs with a pc
motheгboard, individuals should not consіder
the rіsk with гepaiгing this themselves
for if it is nоt ԁone coгrectly it cаn lеad to irrepаrable damаge to the complete laptop.
It will alwаys be safe to approаch a dealer of that lаptоp fοr that reрaiг of its motherboaгd.
They've technicians who've an competence in deаlіng
with lаptop mοtherboаrd сhallengeѕ and cаn have
thе right analysis and undеrtаke rеpairs.

Good advice I'm sure.  And I just might think about how St. Luke could be compared to a motherboard.


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