Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Something funny

Our church, like a lot of other churches in the country, receives a copy of the Abbey Letter, a little publication of St. Gregory's Abbey that comes out maybe once a quarter or so.  In it you will find a little slice of life in a modern-day monastery.

This edition featured a piece called, "Leonard, Sheldon, and Penny Discuss the Implications of the Incarnation."  Being a fan of The Big Bang Theory, this caught my attention; I mean, really, monks that watch Big Bang -- how cool is that?  You can read the whole thing online, but this bit made me laugh out loud:

Another thing they tend to do a lot is sit around the coffee table in the guys' apartment eating take-out and discussing nerdy things like comic books, Star Trek, and particle physics.  Sometimes their other nerdy friends show up and join the conversation -- all of them exhibiting varying degrees of incomprehension of and romantic interest in Penny, who is equally as puzzled by them.

Take away Penny and the Chinese food, and the scene is a lot like the monastery common room during community recreation here at St. Gregory's.

There you have it -- take away Penny and the Chinese food and a monastery is just like life in the Big Bang.

If you can't laugh with nerdy monks, what can you laugh at?  But go read the whole thing, it'll be worth ten minutes of your time.


The young fogey | 8:06 AM, December 13, 2012  

Sure, men living in community.

But I like Cracked's take on the show: 'Your dad's idea of nerds: true nerds are watching "Community"!'

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