Sunday, February 24, 2013

Something wasn't quite right

You know when you make a change to something and then that thing reverts back to the way it was before and it takes you awhile to notice, "Hey . . . didn't I change that?"

The more common problem is seeing something multiple times before saying, "Isn't that new?"

On Ash Wednesday my incredibly awesome Altar Guild came in to the church and changed everything over to purple.  This included covering all the crosses in church with a purple covering.  At the front of the church we have one of those obligatory Really Big Crosses that hangs on the wall (here's a less-than-stellar picture of me during Communion with the cross behind us).

In order to get a Really Big purple covering on the Really Big cross, we have to haul out the Really Big ladder and the Rector has to climb the ladder, scrunch up parts of the covering between the cross and the wall and attach with tape.  Note to building designers/decorators:  Do Not make Really Big crosses that attach flush to a wall.

Anyway, I got up on the ladder and did my duty for the Altar Guild.

At the 8 a.m. service, after I had prepped the altar for Communion, my LEM (the person who handles the chalice, if you were wondering) and I were standing by the credence table waiting for the organist to finish his Offertory music.  I looked over and said, "Hey, look at that."

She said, "What?"

"The covering for the cross is on the floor."

"Oh!  I didn't even notice.  I wonder when that happened?"

"I know it didn't happen during service; I'm sure someone would've noticed it falling down."

(And you all thought we were talking about holy, prayerful things up there)

After service I enlisted the help of another guy and we retrieved the ladder, I grabbed some duct tape, and I re-hung the Really Big purple covering over the Really Big cross.

Here's hoping that it stays up the rest of Lent.


Anonymous | 10:00 PM, February 25, 2013  

Have y'all tried velcro?

Seriously, if your wall crosses get covered every year during Lent (or for other occasions) talk to your building committee (or sexton or whoever is responsible for minor repairs and improvements) and see if they're okay with mounting velcro on the walls. (I wouldn't trust sticky back velcro; best to put a couple of discreet hardware staples through it.) Put the opposing velcro on your coverings in the corners, and stick 'em right up there.

They could also arrange something with cup hooks and grommets for a more curtain-like effect.

I mean yes, duct tape is The Force (has a light side and a dark side and holds the universe together) but ...

Reverend Ref + | 5:00 PM, February 28, 2013  

I've thought about the velcro idea. That was actually the first thing I thought of when I saw it laying on the ground. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a problem.

However, the hook and grommet idea sound great.

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