Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Distance Learning

The Kid learned how to make palm crosses years ago and she has mad skillz in that department.  She likes to amuse herself by seeing how small of a cross she can make.  One year she made two that could fit on the fingernail of my pinky finger.

Because of this talent, she has overseen the making of palm crosses every year while we were in Montana and the past two years here.  But now she's away to college.

A member of my Altar Guild asked me if she would be home during spring break so she could instruct them again on the tying of palm crosses.

"No, she won't.  However . . . . I bet I could set up a time to skype and she can do it that way."

So I called The Kid and said that the Altar Guild was upset she wouldn't be here this year to show them how to tie palm crosses.

She said, "Well, I could cut strips of paper and we could do it over skype."

"That's EXACTLY what I told them," I said.

"What??!!??  You told them I'd do it without even asking me???"

"You said you'd do it even before I asked, so what's the problem?"

"It's just common courtesy."

"Okay . . . will you show the Altar Guild how to make palm crosses via skype?"


"Great!  I love you."

"I love you too . . . dork."


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