Thursday, May 09, 2013

Dean Business

So in the immediate preceding post, I mentioned I was the Dean of the Southern Convocation.  One of the duties is, apparently, to put items on the agenda.

I received an e-mail a few days ago:

At a recent meeting of the Bishop's Committee, we identified Convocation Meetings as a way to begin introducing the serious issues that plague the Church in the Occupied Territories. We would like to begin by offering a 2-3 hour session in each Convocation at one of their regularly scheduled meetings during 2013.

Knowing that I had that echo-infested meeting with the Bishop coming up, I held my response until today.  I asked him about this and he gave me some guidance that helped formulate my response:

I will give you 20 minutes on the agenda for you, or another representative, to present a general overview of the issues surrounding the church in the Middle East.  Anything longer or more involved than that would be best scheduled as a separate meeting with people who desire more involvement in this topic.

Sorry, you aren't getting 2-3 hours to spend on a topic that requires at least some interest on the part of those gathered.


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