Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Office Pool

Today is a busy day.

Besides trying to play catch up from having Monday off, I was asked by my deacon to cover the 10 a.m. Bible study (she can't make it into town today), I have the regularly scheduled 12:15 Eucharist, and I need to leave the office around 3:30 or so for a game.

At 8:36 this morning I received a call from our bank saying that they believe the church discretionary account has been compromised (a deputy from the next county north called the bank and was in possession of a check under suspicious circumstances).  I will probably end up closing that account.

I told the gal that I would need to call them back after I got into the office.

I called as soon as I got in and got voice mail.  The parish admin and I had a bet as to whether or not I would get a call back before or after my morning Bible study class began.

Turns out he called well before it began and we had time to get to the bank to get all the proper paperwork completed and a new account issued.

And that's how the day started.


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