Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Good News, Bad News

The Good News:  I was assigned to my first playoff game here in Oregon.  The even better news is that I'm working as the Back Judge, the place where I've worked the majority of my varsity games since coming here, and a position which I've learned to like and become passably decent at.  Because, yes, sometimes in playoff games people get assigned to an unfamiliar position.  So I'm happy about all that.

The Bad News:  I can't yet talk about it.  Give me a few days to get things sorted out.  But in the meantime, prayers for M's health and strength for her family would be much appreciated.

I am currently at a continuing ed event just outside of Portland at a lovely retreat center.  The weather has been typically November-ish for this area (so fog, gray, and damp).  That makes it less than ideal to go explore the grounds on our free time, but the company is good and M has a boatload of clergy praying for her.


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