Monday, December 29, 2014

I can't leave . . .

Ever since I've been in GP, bad things happen when I leave town. 

While on our latest vacation (as in, yesterday), I received word that my organist is in the hospital with heart disease and may or may not require surgery.  Either way, hard decisions are needing to be made.

Today I received a call from the daughter of occasional parishioners.  Her mother is in a Portland-area hospital on life support.  We may be making a hospital visitation on the way home tomorrow.

What is it with people around here when I leave town?

Last year one of our youth was in the hospital with a brain tumor.
Before that a parishioner died.
Before that, a parishioner died.

I can't ever leave.


Lady Anne | 6:48 PM, December 29, 2014  

I know what you mean. For a long time, whenever we were out of town or I was in the hospital somebody would get sick or die.

At one time we had a family in a very messy situation, and it was obvious to everybody that Granny really was ready to Go Home. I was discussing this situation with my closest friend, and she said, quite seriously, "Do us all a favor. Get out of town."

It worked.

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