Monday, March 23, 2015

What it was like

About a year ago I was attending a conference just east of Portland when I received a text message from one of my parishioners that went something like this:

M just diagnosed with brain tumor.  Transporting to Children's Hosp now.  We are following behind.  Surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning.

So much for my parishioners following instructions about major incidents while I'm out of town.  The good news is that they were going to Children's Hospital in Portland, just 40 minutes from where I was.

I kept in contact with the family during the 4-hour drive and made arrangements to be at the hospital in the morning.  My timing was impeccable as I got to her room about 20 minutes before she was wheeled to the O.R.  After some conversation and prayers, off she went.  The family and I went to the waiting room and I sat with them for about an hour.  Dad eventually released me and said he would keep me updated.

It's been just over a year, and M has recovered nicely.

Her sister has written a dramatic poem and entered to qualify for a national speech and debate tournament.  Apparently the number of youtube "likes" will help her cause.  So, with that in mind, here is Lucy waxing dramatically poetic about what it was like.


Lady Anne | 9:20 PM, March 24, 2015  

What a wonderful young lady. Her performance is marvelous, and her theme - it only happens to other people - is spot on. A very mature outlook, but then, facing death will do that to you.

So glad her sibling is doing well.

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