Friday, June 26, 2015

The Candidates, Part 2

One of my four readers commented in the previous post that she couldn't open the video I put up about the PB Nominees and wanted to know who they were and who was my favorite.  So, here you go.

The Nominees for the 27th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church are:

Bp. Ian Douglas, Diocese of Connecticut
Bp. Michael Curry, Diocese of North Carolina
Bp. Thomas Briedenthal, Diocese of Southern Ohio
Bp. Dabney Smith, Diocese of Southwest Florida

I am not a deputy to General Convention, so I have absolutely no say in who is elected.  But I will say that I have had a favorite since the slate was made public.  I've watched the video and listened to their answers and my first opinion was confirmed, but it was also informed about the order of preference.

My list of who I would like to see as our next PB is as follows.

First, Bp. Curry.  This man is dynamic.  I've heard him preach a full sermon one time in person, and listening to his answers, I am firmly convinced that this is who we need to be the "face of TEC" at this time.

Second, Bp. Briedenthal.  He has good things to say about the church and where we might be headed.  To me, he comes across as both very business-like but also excited about possibilities.

Third, Bp. Douglas.  When I heard him talk, I felt like I was listening to a business presentation.  I'm sure he's a fine man and bishop, but it seemed like I was hearing more of how we've always done it.

Fourth, Bp. Smith.  Unlike Bishops Curry and Briedenthal, I did not find him to be dynamic or interesting.  And unlike Bp. Douglas, I didn't feel like I was listening to a business presentation.  From his opening video (which all four were asked to produce), I felt like I was watching a political campaign designed to garner a vote.  And I don't believe that's the person I want as PB.


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