Saturday, February 27, 2016

Quiet Day

A couple of years ago our parish chapter of the D.O.K. (Daughters of the King) asked if I would lead them in a Quiet Day retreat.  They enjoyed the first one so much that it has become a twice-yearly event for them.

Each day has a specific theme -- I find that much more better (as Kid Ref says) than simply coming and sitting quietly in the church for a day.  The themes so far have been "A Marian Advent," "The Collects for Easter 3 & 4," "Sayings of the Desert Fathers," "Praying the Psalms," and "Mary Magdalene."  The gals apparently enjoy it, because they keep asking for me to lead one.

The day centers around a theme, and we have three periods of silence -- one follows Morning Prayer, one follows Holy Eucharist, and one follows the silent lunch where I read selected pieces.  Evening Prayer closes out the day.  For each silent period, I give them something specific to think about.  Those are, of course, just suggestions to keep them focused.  Some read, some meditate, some journal, some pray.  And, I think and hope, each person leaves with something learned.

That includes me.  My piece of learning on this Quiet Day is this .... Quiet Days are LOUD.

People get up and walk around.  People cough.  People shuffle through papers or books.  Outside noises get noisier.

I wonder what would happen if we noticed God as much as we notice noises on a quiet day?


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