Monday, February 22, 2016

Moving Forward

Last month TEC received notice from the Anglican Primates that we were being put in a "time out" for a period of three years as a "consequence" for our modification of our canons to allow for marriage equality in the church.

Some primates saw this as a time out.  Others saw it as consequences.  Others saw it as sanctions or punishment.  And the question still remains as to whether or not it's even legal, since the primates have no official jurisdiction in the Anglican Communion.

There were two interesting stories that just came across the Anglican Communion News Service.

The first was this one from New Zealand in which the Anglican Church in New Zealand is finding a way forward to bless SSM's.

"These liturgies have been designed to allow for the blessing of couples who have been married in a civil ceremony – according either to New Zealand law, or to the law in the Pacific Island nations which form part of this church. These liturgies also create a pathway for the people in such relationships to become ordained."

The second comes from the Anglican Church in South Africa.

"Anglican bishops from across southern Africa have resolved that gay and lesbian partners who enter same-sex civil unions under South African law should be welcomed into congregations as full members of the church."

The ACSA is still divided as to whether or not they will allow marriages to take place in the church, but they are moving forward.

I'm no expert, but I'm thinking this is unwelcome news for the anti-equality group that called for TEC to go into a timeout.


Lady Anne | 5:14 PM, February 25, 2016  

Don't worry about it. I think they are just annoyed because folks in The Colonies thought of it first. They got in a snit when we ordained female clergy, and now they have their own female bishop. The three years will give them time to catch up to the real world and still save face.

And that's my story and I', sticking with it.

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