Monday, February 22, 2016

We had a funeral here at the church last evening at 6 (yes, it made for a long day).  Our regular organist -- who is actually our volunteer organist since the death of our regular organist last year -- was unable to be here for the service, so the family found another organist to play.

He is also a jazz pianist, and that showed in some of the flourishes he attached to the music.

But .......... Oh ................ My ................ Lord .............

The opening hymn was, "Alleluia! sing to Jesus."

If you aren't familiar with the hymn, here's a good version, not exactly out of the Hymnal, but good enough quality to get the gist of how it's supposed to go:

With this organist, however, it went something like this:

breathe breathe breathe

I was immediately worried that this would be a two hour service because of the pace of the music.

As it was, we managed to be home by 8.


Lady Anne | 5:09 PM, February 25, 2016  

Oh, lawsy! Had this fellow ever been to a church service? How can you even SING to that? Most people expect a song/hymn to go a certain way, and you can't sing when you have no idea what's coming next.

I get really annoyed when singers "gussy up" a song. The National Anthem seems to be a prime victim of this nonsense. Just sing it (or play it) the way it was writen, dammit.

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