Monday, April 23, 2012


We've got them . . . by the thousands.

I talked with my landlord this morning after service and said that when they were just little trails here and there I could deal with them.  But when then invade the girls' bathroom and are crawling on everything from walls to toothbrushes, it's time to get serious.

She said she'd have someone here Monday.  Let's hope they can make them all go away.


Lady Anne | 10:02 AM, April 26, 2012  

Missed this the first time around. We get ants any time it rains a lot - mostly on the bathroom counter. I have no idea what they are after, unless they have a fondness for Bon Ami. The only things I've ever found to work are Terro, a clear poison gel, and cloves, which ants apparently hate. It helps if you can put the Terro in a sheltered spot outside, as it draws them by the zillions. Just sprinkle the ground cloves along the edges of the back splash. At least it smells good to humans. And good luck!

~**Dawn**~ | 11:47 AM, April 26, 2012  

They are dreadful to eradicate. We were dealing with that when we moved out of the apartment. We had every food item--even unopened containers--bagged in Ziplocs. And I was finding them in places that made NO SENSE, like the bathroom and the bedroom. I loathe those varmints.

Lady Anne | 7:57 PM, April 26, 2012  

You can read about my adventures with ants here, if you wish.

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