Thursday, May 21, 2009

Duct tape, hand towels and cell phones

This week I have been away at the Festival of Homiletics, held in Atlanta. First, the weather here in Atlanta has been absolutely spectacular. If I didn't know any better, I might actually consider living here; but the locals have reminded me that this week is about as good as it gets. Moving on . . .

I have been staying in the dorms at Emory University. It was the inexpensive way to stay. But I gotta tell you; at 45, dorm life isn't all it's cracked up to be. Especially when the dorms are stocked with the typical "University Mattresses." You know . . . those blue vinyl things that allow the unfitted sheets to slip around and up and over so that two hours into your evening, you aren't even on the sheets. Solution: Duct tape. I picked up a roll at the local CVS and strapped the bottom sheet in place; then left the tape in the hallway with a note: Here's the solution to needing a fitted sheet.

The dorm also provided us with two towels and a wash cloth. The towels are about the size of my better hand towels at home. Yeah . . . a 45 year old Rev Ref wandering the halls in a barely-oversized hand towel. MY EYES ..... MY EYES

And you would think at a conference of 11oo preacher types, WE, of all people, could remember to turn off our cell phones. Apparently some of us are as clueless as some of the laity we complain about.

God help us.

But then again, isn't that the point?

I've had a ball; great week and more later. See you on the flip side.


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