Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unexpected Tears

Things continue to move along. Our packing is coming to an end and we're getting to the point where everything else is up to the movers and resisting the urge to give up and take everything else to the dump.

The movers are scheduled to be here Monday and deliver a week from this coming Tuesday. We have a Not To Exceed bid in hand, so that's good.

The rental house has been finalized (rental agreement in the mail), so we definitely have a place to land.

I called the church today and made sure the secretary knew when I would be arriving and to have all the keys ready for me. Also spoke with the interim priest to make sure I wouldn't be in her way during my planned unpacking and organizing of the office.

I cleaned up the dishes from lunch and on my way back through the dining room I happened to look out the window and saw cars that belonged to Alice, Frank & Bev, Bill, Janis & David and Vi. They are all next door at the parish hall organizing and preparing for the going away party tomorrow night. And it brought tears to my eyes.

Certainly looking forward to the new place, but this part of the leaving sucks. There are some things I will not miss about this place -- like sweeping up dead flies before Sunday service and frozen water in the baptismal font (well, actually, that was kind of funny; and it made emptying said font rather easy). But then there will be things I will most definitely miss, and the above named parishioners are high on that list.


Lady Anne | 2:38 PM, November 19, 2010  

No need to take anything to the dump. Do you have Freecycle out there in the Western Wilds? One man's trash is indeed another man's "Wow! I always wanted one of those."

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