Friday, February 08, 2013


I spent Tuesday through Thursday of this week away at my final Fresh Start retreat.  Fresh Start is a national program that is designed to help clergy new to a position adjust and get settled in.

I'm not sure about the program stuff; what I found most useful was simply getting to know other clergy in the diocese and make connections that way.

The annual retreat wasn't a bad way to end my time with the program, but I wish that it hadn't been so "current participant" focused.  I could have spent that time meditating in my room, but I felt that probably would have appeared . . . well . . . aloof would be a good word.  So I dutifully sat through the sessions, enjoyed some conversations, enjoyed the really good food, and then presided and preached at the closing Eucharist.

Time to get on with other matters.


Lady Anne | 3:56 PM, February 08, 2013  

Some time ago, I was parish secretary for a member of the clergy who was new to this area. She also attended one of those conferences was suitably "underwhelmed".

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