Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Notoriously Evil Life . . .

I'm going to be teaching an Intro to TEC .... or Confirmation Class .... or Inquirer's Class .... haven't figured out the name yet ..... this Lent at Christ Church.

One of my resources suggested that I give people in the class a Book of Common Prayer (BCP) before the class rather than as a graduation gift after the class. I like that idea.

So I'm puttzing around on Amazon looking for a decent BCP to give to people, and I ran across a particular style they had and it's advertised as "Leather Bound (Burgundy)." The best part is that they're selling it for $7.13 NEW.


But I was looking through the reviews just to get an idea of the actual cover and details and whatnot. I mean ... it IS $7.13.

I came across this review:

The description says leatherbound; the edition, of which I purchased two for newly baptized in our church, is bound in imitation leather. Please review the rite for the reconciliation of a penitent (p. 447) and contact me to arrange an appointment! Fr. John

So I'm just sort of wondering if the people from Amazon are, indeed, living a notoriously evil life for this apparent false advertising.


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